Now based in the south of France, we’ve worked to liaise between and support, producers and importers for nearly 20 years, most of that time in Japan, now the rest of the world.

For 15 years James was an importer based in Tokyo. Shoko was Wine Director for a restaurant group in Tokyo. James got the WSET Diploma (with Hons) in London in 1997. As an importer, he focused initially on wines from the Rhône and still works with some of the original selection, Bois de Boursan, Charvin and Gangloff, as well as Tour du Bon in Bandol, and Padié in the Roussillon. He also imported wines that aimed to surprise in the mid 2000’s, such as Heymann-Lowenstein and Van Volxem from Germany, Curly Flat, Hochkirch, and Pizzini from Australia, Can Rafols from Spain, which all led to the likes of Mendall, Escoda and a new generation of natural wines.

We work with producers we know and love, and who work organically and with the greatest respect to the many different and competing aspects of the eco-system. The most important thing is the taste. We love natural freshness and purity of fruit in wines that truly express what they are and where they come from. While in many cases, we’ve worked with our producers for 20 years, we’re also out there regularly discovering new producers at the many events we attend, at the bars, restaurants and shops we visit, and through the reviews and media we look at. With a network of friends around the world, we do our best to keep our finger on the pulse, while avoiding information overload.

We work with customers who understand the wines and will do their best to distribute them with love and respect. We work to support our customers get the best out of their selection of our wines.

Our portfolio reflects our passion for and daily commitment to personal and environmental health and sustainability, simplicity and living well.

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現在は日本を中心としたアジアと世界各国のインポーター 様に素晴らしい生産者とワインをご紹介しています。




当時からBois de Boursan, Charvin そしてGangloff, バンドールの Tour du Bon やルーションのPadié は今でもお付き合いを頂いている生産者達です。

2000年代に入り、ドイツの Heymann-Lowenstein やVan Volxem 、オーストラリアのCurly Flat, Hochkirch, そして Pizzini 、またスペインからCan Rafols を始めとしてにMendall, Escoda という新しいジェネレーションの開拓、そしてナチュラルワインへと移行をしていきました。












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