Who: Yves Gangloff.
What: Côte Rôtie, Condrieu, Saint-Joseph.
Where: Condrieu.
When: Since 1988.

The Story

Since the mid 1990’s Yves Gangloff has developed a passionate following for his beautifully crafted wines which walk a fine balance between following tradition and appealing to modern tastes. Today he’s organic in the vineyard and his obsessive attention to detail means he employs up to 30 part-time workers during the early growing season to manage vine growth, where all work has to be carried out by hand. He times the harvest carefully to avoid over-ripeness of fruit. He uses all or part whole bunch whenever possible according to the maturity of the stems, which depends on the years. He ferments with natural yeast and is meticulous in his selection of new oak so as not to mark the wines. As a result there’s nothing else like his wines in any Appellation.

Yves came to Condrieu from Alsace as a young man at the end of the 1970’s. His brother, an artist who paints all his labels, was then living and working in the Château d’Ampuis before Guigal bought it. He encouraged Yves to come and look for work in the region. Yves found a job with Delas in the vines, and found love in Condrieu with Mathilde. Inspired in both endeavours he and Mathilde started to look for small parcels of vines to buy or rent and in the early 1990’s produced their first wines, both Côte Rôtie and Condrieu. The wines were a hit almost immediately and have since grown in both quality and stature to the point where they’re both revered and priced as some of the finest in both Appellations.

In 2007, they bought just under two hectares of St Joseph in a neighbouring commune and immediately produced a tiny volume of some of the most thrilling wines in St Joseph.

The wines are not like other wines of their Appellation. In Côte Rôtie and Condrieu the trend has been, like everywhere else, to increase production and make “cleaner”, more powerful, riper, fruitier wines while using more new oak, of not the finest quality wines, to the point where the once delicate aromas of “roasted slope” in Côte Rôtie and “apricot skin” in Condrieu have been submerged.

Yves and Mathilde resisted growth for growth’s sake as well as the urge to make more overt wines and focussed on intrinsic quality and a style that was traditional with fresher, more clear, more exuberant fruit. They also focussed on choosing the best quality wood.

Yves remains totally hands-on both in the vineyard and in the cellar. And he’s there for the customer, too. At the Domaine, and at the annual Ampuis Wine Fair in January where he attends to the biggest queues in the room to buy the most expensive wines in the room, with private and professional customers driving from all over France as well as Belgium and Switzerland to secure a few bottles.

To some, Yves is a “rock star” of the Appellation with his tall, skinny build and long, curly hair. It’s not entirely a illusion since he’s a huge rock music fan and plays in a band. Upstairs of the cellar is his rehearsal room with guitars and drums.

We first met Yves in 2000 at the Domaine and at the Ampuis Fair when his wines stood out in the crowd of newcomers in the Appellation for their purity and beauty.




2007年に彼らはサンジョセフ の約2ヘクタールの畑を購入し少量の生産量ですがこのワインもまたすぐにこのアペラシオンで最もスリリングなワインになりました。彼らのワインはこのアペラシオンにおいて他に類を見ないタイプのワインです。






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