Who: Tom Lubbe
What: Vin de France
Where: Espira de l’Agly
When / Year founded: 2003

The Story

South African born, New Zealand raised, and with friends all over the world, Tom Lubbe sees the big picture. He made his way to Calce in the Roussillon inspired by and to work with Gauby in the late 1990’s, along with Jean-Philippe Padié and Olivier Pithon. He founded Matassa with his wife Nathalie, herself a Gauby, in 2003.

He makes some of the best truly natural wines in France but the bigger picture is his work on the land where his passion is really good farming practice, regenerative agriculture, nurturing soils back to life, growing fruit that’s truly healthy enough to make wine naturally without any additives at all. His beautiful wines are the result of more than twenty years learning to make wine conventionally at first, then organically and finally without any additives.

In 2021 he’s on his third cellar. He started out in Calce. Moved to Montner in 2013. In 2020 he moved to Espira de l’Agly, to the old Mas Ferriol estate and took over an exciting and inviting block of vines on black volcanic clay soil.

His wines are heavily listed at Noma amongst many great restaurants which speaks volumes for the quality of his vision.

We’ve been following Tom and his wines since first visiting him around 2005 while on a trip to visit Jean-Philippe Padié.

Domaine Matassa Location