Who: Jan Matthias Klein.
What: Landwein from the Mosel, Germany.
Where: Kröv.
When: Since 2014.

Jan’s family winery Staffelter Hof, founded 862, make beautifully pure and classical organic Rieslings. The family has been here for a couple of hundred years but there really is reference to the existence of the winery in a document showing it existed in 862. Jan’s father started working organically in the 1960’s in a typical turn of distrust for the then-touted benefits of pesticides and insecticides.

Jan jumped in to the business around 15 years ago. He completed the evolution of his father’s work towards organic and the winery has been certified since 2012. He also worked to reduce the sulfur levels typical in Mosel Rieslings. And to this end, on the side, he’s developed his own project to make wines from his great estate grapes without added sulfites in a style as radically different from the family winery, and from the classical style of the Mosel, as you could imagine. This includes sublimely alternative labels and Cuvée names, riffing on popular culture.

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