Who: Jean-Philippe Padié.
What: Vin de France, Roussillon.
Where: Calce, Pyrenées-Orientales.
When: Since 2003.

The Story

Jean-Philippe Padié has been quietly making some of the finest natural wine in the Roussillon since 2003. He moved to Calce nearly 20 years ago to work with Gauby for a couple of years and then founded his own Domaine in 2003.

Calce is a village of just 200 inhabitants which lies 20km inland from the Mediterranean sea north west of Perpignan. But has a terrific strike rate for quality Domaines. In the early 2000’s no fewer than 4 former alumni of Gauby started their own projects, all now reference points albeit making very different wines. As well as Padié, there’s Tom Lubbe at Matassa, Domaine de l’Horizon, and Olivier Pithon.

Jean-Philippe Padié grew up in Bourgogne although his roots lie in the south-west where his grandparents lived. Here he was marked by the wines of Domaine Plageoles (still a reference for Jean-Philippe) which inspired him years later to make wine.

Today he has a mosaic of 30 to 40 small parcels of mostly very old vines over 15 hectares on various soils, including chalk, schist and various clays, at between 200 and 300m, all in gobelet, which he farms organically and biodynamically, in particular treating with copious amounts of infusions such as Ortie Piquante (stinging nettle).

In the cellar, his style has refined over the years towards a style of elegance and purity. He makes almost all the wines by infusion, just allowing the fruit to soak in its own juices without any extraction. He doesn’t use sulfites during the making but sometimes adds them at bottling if required by the wine.

Jean-Philippe’s wines are unique stylistically in Calce, neither typically rich, nor overly earthy. His wines are minimalist, cool, crystalline, edgy, playful, yet elegant and always have a ravishing fruit purity. The wines used to be Appellation Côtes du Roussillon but have now all been de-classified to Vin de France since Appellation doesn’t carry much value for wines such as Jean-Philippe’s (or those of Matassa and others).

The symbol on Jean-Philippe’s labels represent the sun, because all life comes from it, and the third eye, which sees all of life, together. Most of the Cuvée names reference pop culture.

Unlike the others in the original Calce group, who have expanded beyond the confines of the village, Jean-Philippe continues to make wine in his small cellar right in the heart of the village.





ジャン・フィリップは祖父母が住んでいた南西地方で生まれブルゴーニュで育ちました。 彼は南西地方(ガイヤック)に今もあるドメーヌ・プラゲオスに影響を受け今でも彼のワイン作りに対する考えの根幹になっています。








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