The Story

Thierry Alexandre runs one of the smallest jewels of a Domaine in the Northern Rhone. He’s located near the village of St Jean de Muzols which is at the original heart of the Appellation. The lieu-dit of St Epine, considered the finest terroir of St Joseph, is located here. Thierry posseses just 1 hectare of St Joseph next to St-Epine, a couple of ares of Crozes-Hermitage, and a little over 1 hectare of vines on the flat land between St Jean and the Rhone river, from which he makes both a red from Syrah and a white from Marsanne in Vin de France.

St Joseph was created Appellation a bit later than most, in 1956, with vineyards around the villages of St Jean and Mauves and the town of Tournon on the opposite side of the Rhone river from the great hill of Hermitage. The vineyards were all steep hillsides facing south-east on granite, quite similar to those of Côte Rôtie 50km north, while those of Hermitage face south-west. Then in the 1970s pressure was put on the Appellation, mainly by cooperative cellars, to extend the vineyards with the result that overall quality of the “brand” suffered and still to this day St Joseph can stand for some of the best, most perfumed and fine or some of the worst, green and rustic, of the Northern Rhone. There are, overall, very few producers working organically and naturally, being in the shadow, commercially speaking, of mega Negociant producers like Guigal, Chapoutier and Jaboulet and large cooperative cellars like Cave de Tain or St Desirat.

Thierry Alexandre was always into farming and the land. He got his start when in 2000 he set up a service to work vineyards which soon attracted customers like Chave, Hervé Souhaut, Jean-Michel Stephan as well as Chapoutier and a growing number of other top quality producers. By 2005, the service had grown so much that Thierry was spending more time managing people than doing the work he loved so he stepped back to concentrate on being a one man band, with 1.5 ha of vines and 1 ha of apricots.

As a result, he’s a happy man. He farms organically mostly by hand, necessarily in the steep St Joseph vineyard, and the vines look both happy and healthy. His cellar is akin to a garage attached to his modest home. It’s a tiny space with a dirt floor but is impeccably clean and Thierry takes huge pride in making very fine, fresh, pure wine. He has no room or interest in fancy equipment and adds nothing to the wines other than some sulphites at the bottling to ensure stability.

ティエリ・アレキサンダーは北ローヌで最も小さな宝石のようなドメーヌを営む一人です。彼はアペラシオンの中心でもあるサン・ジョーン・ド・ミュゼルの近くに位置しサンジョセフの最も素晴らしいテロワールとされるサン・エピネがここに存在します。 ティエリはサン・エピネ隣のサンジョセフにわずか1ヘクタールの畑とクローズ・エルミタージュに数エリア、サン・ジョーンとローヌ川の間の平地1ヘクタールちょっとの畑を所有しています。この平地ではシラーとマルサンヌからVIn de Franceのワインが造られます。


オーガニックでナチュラルなワインを造る生産者はほぼいなく、代わりにギガル、シャプティエ、ジャブレのような大手ネゴシアンまたはコペラティブのCave St DesiratやCave de Tainなどオーガニック栽培で自然な造りをうたっています。



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