Bernardo Estevez information posted!

Almost everything we know about Bernardo Estevez’s wines for now has been posted here! Bernardo Estevez is based in the Ribeiro and is revered by the handful of Galician natural winemakers we know for his work in the vineyard while being totally modest about his wines. He makes far too few bottles but they’re as … Continue reading Bernardo Estevez information posted!

Bernardo Estévez Ribeiro Chanselus Castes Tintas

Appellation: Ribeiro. Cuvée: Chanselus Castes Tintas. Colour: Red. Grapes: Trincadeira, Carabuñeira, Caiño Datera, Espadeiro, Brancelão, Ferról, Sousán and 5 others, mostly Caiño family. About: Brancelão for floral, red fruit, Ferról is tannic, rustic, strong, vinous, Trincadeira is sweet, vinous, high in acidity, happy, Sousán is strong, high in acidity, tannic, vegetal, Carabuñeira is particularly interesting, … Continue reading Bernardo Estévez Ribeiro Chanselus Castes Tintas

Bernardo Estévez Ribeiro Chanselus Castes Brancas

Appellation: Ribeiro. Cuvée: Chanselus Blanco. Colour: White. Grapes: Lado, Treixadura, Albillo, Godello and others. About: very fine and delicate but intense and exciting expression of indigenous grapes from Galicia from one of the hardest and smartest working producers in Galicia. Lado is high acid, Treixadura low acid. Vines Location: from many terraced plots in two … Continue reading Bernardo Estévez Ribeiro Chanselus Castes Brancas

Bernardo Estévez

Who: Bernardo Estévez. What: D.O. Ribeiro. Where: Arnoia, Ribadavia, Galicia, Spain. When: Since 2009. The Story “I only bottle my work in the vineyard” says Bernardo Estévez. Few vigneron express outwardly as little interest in what happens in the cellar as Bernardo Estévez although it’s clear that he likes very much what he finds in … Continue reading Bernardo Estévez