Du Grappin Mâcon-Villages

Appellation: Mâcon-Villages Cuvée: Colour: White Grapes: Chardonnay About: Andrew’s wanted to do a Mâcon but only a “fat” Mâcon, so he looked high and low for some old vines that were grown for sparkling or Cremant wine, built for acidity, but old vine so would give richness, so as to combine Macon tropicality with acidity. … Continue reading Du Grappin Mâcon-Villages

Le Grappin

Who: Andrew and Emma Nielsen What: Savigny Les Beaune, Beaune, Monthelie, Mâcon-Villages, Fleurie and more Where: Meloisey When: Since 2011 “My vision for Le Grappin is to seek out special sites in the over-looked, under-appreciated reaches of Burgundy, that tell a story. I search out viticulteurs as maniacal as me, who tend their vines throughout … Continue reading Le Grappin