Celler Tarannà Po-etic information posted!

Almost everything we know about Aitor’s wines, Celler Tarannà Po-etic, for now has been posted here! Aitor is a new voice in Tarragona, located between leading producers Joan Ramon Escoda and Jordi Llorens, both of whom he works with and both of whom have clearly influenced Aitor. Yet his wines are as distinctively his own … Continue reading Celler Tarannà Po-etic information posted!

Escoda Rosat

Appellation: Vi de Taula. Cuvée: Nas del Gegant Rosat. Colour: Pink. Grapes: Grenache Noir. About: the 2018 is the accidental but totally delicious pink, with a maceration of a few minutes before JR realised the tank was going to overflow and ran off enough juice to save it, this juice becoming the pink. Vines Location: … Continue reading Escoda Rosat

Escoda Brutal

Appellation: Vi de Taula. Cuvée: Brutal. Colour: Red or White or Pink according to year. Grapes: See Vintage Notes. About: JR is a founder of the Brutal label concept now adopted by dozens of natural wine producers. The concept is based on making a wine of which there are only 300 bottles and that’s “off … Continue reading Escoda Brutal