Escoda Rosat

Appellation: Vi de Taula. Cuvée: Nas del Gegant Rosat. Colour: Pink. Grapes: Grenache Noir. About: the 2018 is the accidental but totally delicious pink, with a maceration of a few minutes before JR realised the tank was going to overflow and ran off enough juice to save it, this juice becoming the pink. Vines Location: … Continue reading Escoda Rosat

Escoda Brutal

Appellation: Vi de Taula. Cuvée: Brutal. Colour: Red or White or Pink according to year. Grapes: See Vintage Notes. About: JR is a founder of the Brutal label concept now adopted by dozens of natural wine producers. The concept is based on making a wine of which there are only 300 bottles and that’s “off … Continue reading Escoda Brutal

Escoda Les Paradetes

Appellation: Vi de Taula. Cuvée: Les Paradetes. Colour: Red. Grapes: based on Grenache Noir and Carignan depending on the vintage, sometimes some Sumoll. About: the most intense and finessed of Joan Ramon’s reds, changing every year with the vintage conditions, a mirror of the year. A badger appears on the label. Vines Location: just north … Continue reading Escoda Les Paradetes

Escoda Nas del Gegant

Appellation: Vi de Taula. Cuvée: Nas del Gegant. Colour: Red. Grapes: Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Carignan, Grenache Noir, Sumoll depending on the vintage. About: Earth, verticality, minerality, freshness, energy. Joan Ramon’s largest production red when nature is kind, a blend of parcels and grapes, usually based on Cabernet Franc and Merlot. A hare appears on the label. … Continue reading Escoda Nas del Gegant

Escoda Mas del Gaio

Appellation: Vi de Taula. Cuvée: Mas del Gaio. Colour: White. Grapes: Parellada, Macabeu, Grenache Blanc, Moscatel, the proportions varying with the vintage. About: first produced in 2013 from a very, very old parcel of mainly Parellada just in front of the cellar that had been more or less abandoned. Joan Ramon has brought back to … Continue reading Escoda Mas del Gaio

Escoda Els Bassots

Appellation: Vi de Taula. Cuvée: Els Bassots. Colour: White. Grapes: Chenin Blanc. About: Named after the vineyard it comes from, the parcel is tucked into the forest that covers the mountain behind, while owning a commanding view over the Conca countryside towards Montblanc. The wine is equally spacious and expansive, and aromatically vivid with the … Continue reading Escoda Els Bassots

Escoda Els Bassotets

Appellation: Vi de Taula. Cuvée: Els Bassotets. Colour: White. Grapes: Chenin Blanc, Sumoll, Garnacha Blanca, Macabeu and Parellada depending on vintage, see vintage notes below. About: A selection of different parcels from the estate, this is really Joan Ramon’s statement of intent. Made sans soufre, it’s clear, energetic, with vibrant fruit, clean, refreshing, above all … Continue reading Escoda Els Bassotets


Who: Joan-Ramon Escoda. What: Vi de Taula, Conca de Barberà, Catalonia. Where: Prenafeta, Montblanc, Tarragona. When: Since 2003. The Story Joan-Ramon Escoda is a pioneer and leading voice of natural wine in Spain. With his wife Carme Sanahuja, he founded the winery in 1997 in the Conca de Barberà region of southern Catalonia, started producing … Continue reading Escoda