Cume do Avia

Who: Diego Collarte and family What: Ribeiro both in and out of Appellation Where: Ribadavia When: Since 2005 Cume do Avia is one of the finest wines we’ve tasted from Galicia and a salute to the terroir: the wines are made from many indigenous varieties, grown on steep hillsides on geologically complex soils based on … Continue reading Cume do Avia

La Perdida O Pando

Appellation: Vino de España. Cuvée: O Pando. Colour: White. Grapes: Godello. About: The name comes from the first vineyard Nacho worked. The grapes now come from other vineyards as well but all in similar location, all on clay, rather than the more common granite. Same grapes as the Orange version. Vines Location: from several parcels … Continue reading La Perdida O Pando

La Perdida Meu

Appellation: Vino de España. Cuvée: Meu. Colour: red. Grapes: Garnacha Tintorera, Mencia, Mouraton 70%, Dona Branca, Godello, Palomino 30% About: Meu means “mine” in Galician after how Nacho feels about the wine, a wine for his friends who are like brothers and sisters. New wine in 2019, from a chalk hillside. Same grapes as Nacho’s … Continue reading La Perdida Meu

Bernardo Estevez information posted!

Almost everything we know about Bernardo Estevez’s wines for now has been posted here! Bernardo Estevez is based in the Ribeiro and is revered by the handful of Galician natural winemakers we know for his work in the vineyard while being totally modest about his wines. He makes far too few bottles but they’re as … Continue reading Bernardo Estevez information posted!

Bernardo Estévez

Who: Bernardo Estévez. What: D.O. Ribeiro. Where: Arnoia, Ribadavia, Galicia, Spain. When: Since 2009. The Story “I only bottle my work in the vineyard” says Bernardo Estévez. Few vigneron express outwardly as little interest in what happens in the cellar as Bernardo Estévez although it’s clear that he likes very much what he finds in … Continue reading Bernardo Estévez

La Perdida information posted!

Almost everything we know about La Perdida’s wines for now has been posted here! La Perdida is run by Nacho Gonzalez who produces fewer than 15,000 bottles a year from 28 tiny parcels of vines in inland Galicia. A maverick, he’s fiercely organic, and works without any additives in the cellar. The wines are humorous and generous, and … Continue reading La Perdida information posted!