La Perdida information posted!

Almost everything we know about La Perdida’s wines for now has been posted here! La Perdida is run by Nacho Gonzalez who produces fewer than 15,000 bottles a year from 28 tiny parcels of vines in inland Galicia. A maverick, he’s fiercely organic, and works without any additives in the cellar. The wines are humorous and generous, and … Continue reading La Perdida information posted!

La Perdida Proscrito

Appellation: Vino de España. Cuvée: Proscrito. Colour: pink. Grapes: Palomino 90%, Garnacha Tintorera 10%. About: an extraordinary pink wine, more of a pale red, from two usually poorly thought-of grapes, here magically transformed into a wine that finds a balance between gravity and levity. Vines Location: from more than a dozen parcels around Serdur and … Continue reading La Perdida Proscrito

La Perdida A Chaira

Appellation: Vino de España. Cuvée: A Chaira. Colour: White. Grapes: Dona Branca (known as Doña Blanca in Spain). About: Dona Branca is known as Doña Blanca in Spain and it’s a perfect introduction to Nacho’s style. This single varietal wine from a typically under-rated local variety is limpid and vegetal, yet lingers and persists, and … Continue reading La Perdida A Chaira

La Perdida Malas Uvas

Appellation: Vino de España. Cuvée: Malas Uvas. Colour: White. Grapes: Palomino 80%, Dona Branca 20%. About: from varietals that can appear neutral at first then marvellously, mysteriously expressive, under-rated by most, highly rated by Nacho and the proof is in the wine. Vines Location: from several parcels of vines near the monastery of Ermitas and … Continue reading La Perdida Malas Uvas