Raúl Calle Nude

Appellation: none. Cuvée: Nude. Colour: Red. Grapes: Garnacha. About: a new vineyard for Raul and Laura after they relinquished their interest in the Forcipula vineyard. It’s their first semi-carbonic maceration wine, with no barrel to add any makeup, thus Nude. A mere 650 bottles. Vines Location: Tietar Valley (Ávila) Size: 1,5 hectare(different small vines) Age: … Continue reading Raúl Calle Nude

Raúl Calle Naturi G

Appellation: none. Cuvée: Naturi G. Colour: Red. Grapes: Garnacha. About: formerly part of Diabolesa, now Raul and Laura are making a Cuvée for each grape. So this is G after Garnacha but still from Tieta Valley. Vines Location: Tietar Valley (Ávila). Size: 1,5 hectare (differents small vines). Age: planted around 1950. Soils: granite sands and … Continue reading Raúl Calle Naturi G

Raúl Calle Naturi T

Appellation: none. Cuvée: Naturi T. Colour: Red. Grapes: Tempranillo. About: formerly Diabolesa, now Raul and Laura are making a Cuvée for each grape. T is named after Tempranillo from the Tietar valley near Ávila, where it works really well, differently from Garnacha in the Gredos. Vines Location: Tietar Valley (Ávila). Size: 1.5 hectare. Age: planted … Continue reading Raúl Calle Naturi T

Raúl Calle Picaflor

Appellation: none. Cuvée: Picaflor. Colour: White. Grapes: Malvasia 80% and Malvar 20%. About: the latest addition to the range, from a vineyard they took on believing it to be Malvar which they love, only to discover it was Malvasia. No problem, the fruit became beautifully ripe and tasted great so they vinified it separately. Picaflor … Continue reading Raúl Calle Picaflor

Raúl Calle Viticultor information posted!

Almost everything we know about Raúl Calle’s wines for now has been posted here! Raúl and Laura Calle are making brilliant, individualistic wines in the Gredos in a completely different style from some perhaps better known producers like their friend and equally iconoclastic Fabio Bartolomei (see here) or larger, much more polished producers like Comando … Continue reading Raúl Calle Viticultor information posted!

Raúl Calle Churumbi

Appellation: none. Cuvée: Churumbi. Colour: pink. Grapes: Grenache Noir. About: the name means “child” in gypsy language so this wine is for their son Burno. It’s a gorgeous, complex rosado that fizzes with energy, fermented and aged in old American oak, only 600-1000 bottles, depending the year. Vines Location: Tietar Valley (Ávila). Size: 1 hectare. … Continue reading Raúl Calle Churumbi

Raúl Calle Diabolesa

Appellation: none. Cuvée: Diabolesa. Colour: Red. Grapes: Garnacha 60% and Tempranillo 40%. About: named after an insect shown on the label called an Empussa pennata that Laura found while working one day in the vineyard and representative of the rich insect life that can inhabit an organically farmed vineyard. It’s a rich, elegant and complex … Continue reading Raúl Calle Diabolesa

Raúl Calle Malavara

Appellation: none. Cuvée: Malavara. Colour: White. Grapes: Malvar. About: named after the grape and the word for bad or ungracious, in reference to the variety, often looked down on as a “little, local” grape. It’s a vibrant and energetic skin contact white, so expect some orange, fermented in open oak barrels and plastic and aged … Continue reading Raúl Calle Malavara

Vinos Naturi

Who: Raúl and Laura Calle What: Vino de España Where: Sierra de Gredos When: Since 2013 The Story Please note Vinos Naturi is the new name (2022) for Raúl and Laura’s business formerly known as Raúl Calle Viticoltores. Raúl is a forest engineer and teacher by vocation based in the easternmost point of the Sierra de … Continue reading Vinos Naturi