Viños Ambiz Tempranillo La Gatta Mormigliana

Appellation: Vino de España. Cuvée: La Gatta Mormigliana. Colour: Red. Grapes: Tempranillo. About: Possibly, Fabio’s most “Spanish” wine, using the nationally ubiquitous grape, to make a rustic, full-on style of wine that bursts with fruit. The splendid label was designed by an Italian artist who lives in Lisbon and is based on a “scary” children’s … Continue reading Viños Ambiz Tempranillo La Gatta Mormigliana

Viños Ambiz Doris

Appellation: Vino de España. Cuvée: Doris. Colour: White. Grapes: Doré. About: From rare local grape variety Doré, a wine like nothing else (except other wines from Fabio), quite light in alcohol but intensely aromatic, processed very simply. Vines Location: 3km from El Tiemblo toward Cebreros in the Gredos region. Size ha: 1. Age: vines planted … Continue reading Viños Ambiz Doris

Viños Ambiz information posted!

Everything we know about Fabio’s wines for now has been posted here! Fabio is a unique voice in the trendy but still unknown Sierra de Gredos region west of Madrid. It’s a large, dispersed mountainous area with a sea of abandoned vineyards from another age which producers like Fabio are slowly recovering. Fabio is entirely self-taught, his wines … Continue reading Viños Ambiz information posted!