Appellation: VDF
Cuvée: Aunis
Colour: Red
Grapes: Pineau d’Aunis
About: another new wine for 2020, all about the herbal, sanguine, iron cherry fruit of the grape variety.


Location: Saumur on the heights of Dampierre
Size ha: 0.8
Age: planted 2010
Soils: limestone clay
Exposition: north south
Altitude m: 70
Training: on wire
Farming: organic, biodynamic, ploughing. In conversion to bio certication.
Average yield hl/ha: 60
Climate: temperate with some ocean influence.


Vintage notes 2020
A very good year, with plenty of time to take care of the vineyard. Plenty of sunshine, some beneficial rain and an early harvest with easy fermentations. Wine style is very pure.
Yield hl/ha: 45
Harvested: early september
Bottles produced: 4,000
Date bottled: 2021-02
Alcohol: %
SO2 Total:
Tasting: sanguin, forest floor, iron, dried red berry fruits, spicy.