Appellation: Vin de France.
Cuvée: Calice.
Colour: Red.
Grapes: Carignan, Mourvèdre, Grenache Noir, exact blend depends on the year, see below.
About: pale in colour, fresh, light, soft, with a gentle and salty astringency, digestible, this wine is made for easy drinking yet has a very satisfactory depth of fruit, made in Jean-Philippe’s unique fashion by infusing two thirds whole bunches in one third direct pressed juice.

Not made since 2019 because the fruit has become sufficiently mature and interesting to put into Petit Taureau.


Location: all around Calce.
Size ha: 4.
Age: vines planted between 1980 and 1998.
Soils: mostly schist.
Exposition: south-east.
Altitude: 250m.
Training: gobelet.
Farming: organic and biodynamic.
Average yield hl/ha: 15.
Climate: Mediterranean.


Two thirds of the harvest, the Grenache Noir and Mourvèdre, is put into concrete tank whole bunch while one third of the harvest, the Carignan, is pressed directly and added to the whole bunch tank. It’s left to macerate for 5 days before being pressed and returned to tank to finish fermenting. Some years see use of cold but less so from 2018. No added yeasts or sulfites or anything else. Ages 8 months in concrete before bottling with a light filtration and addition sulfites.

Vintage Notes 2016
Carignan, Mourvèdre.
Date bottled: 2017-04.
Alcohol %: 12.98.
SO2 Total: 24.

Vintage Notes 2017
Not made due to a very short harvest, all was blended into Petit Taureau.

Vintage Notes 2018
Grenache Noir, Carignan.
Yield hl/ha: 25.
Harvested: end of August.
Bottles produced: 3000.
Date bottled: 2019-04.
Alcohol %: 12.8.
SO2 Total: .
Tasting: softly textured but the tannin has a peppery, cleansing astringency, fruit is very red berry and sweet with a cinnamon tone.

Vintage Notes 2019
Not made, some put into Prima bottled after the harvest, the rest into Petit Taureau.