Appellation: Vin de France.
Cuvée: Cul Sec.
Colour: White.
Grapes: Marsanne.
About: The name is a play on words, Cul-de-Sac, a French term adopted by the English to mean a road that goes nowhere, has no thoroughfare, or a dead end. Cul literally means bottom. The vines lie in a kind of cul-de-sac between the village and the river, there’s nowhere further to go. It’s a splendid wine, a huge surprise to find such finesse, freshness, elegance and purity in a simple Vin de France..


Location: between the village of St Jean de Muzols and the river Rhône, surrounded by a mix of vines and fruit trees, mostly apricots, some cherries and peaches.
Size ha: 1.
Age: vines planted in in 2001 and 2005.
Soils: predominantly sand and clay.
Exposition: on flat land.
Altitude: 20m.
Training: wire trained.
Farming: very carefully farmed organically.
Average yield hl/ha: 40.
Climate: .


The harvest is picked by hand into small crates and carefully sorted upon entry to the cellar, where it’s put in a cold room until Thierry has the time to press it, depending on the demands of the ripening fruit in the field. It’s then very slowly pressed and left to settle before being moved to stainless steel tank to ferment dry by natural yeasts. It’s bottled with a light touch of sulfites after 5 months.

Vintage Notes 2017
Yield hl/ha: .
Harvested: .
Bottles produced: 1,000.
Date bottled: 2018-04.
Alcohol %: 12.98.
SO2 Total: 34.
Tasting: gorgeous silky texture and rich, pure and refreshing apple and peach fruit.