Appellation: Arribes
Cuvée: Corneo
Colour: Red
Grapes: Tempranillo 65%, Puesta en Cruz 35%
About: It’s named after a place in Fermoselle called Corneos and pronouced Corneo where Thyge would like to have some vines.


Location: from several parcels in Fermoselle.
Size ha: 1.
Age: vines planted between 2005 and 2017.
Soils: sand, granite, gravel and quartz.
Exposition: Tempranillo east facing, Puesta north west.
Altitude: 650-740.
Training: Gobelet for the Tempranillo and wire for Puesta.
Farming: Organic.
Average yield hl/ha: 25-40.
Climate: Mediterranean with an Atlantic influence, cold in winter, hot and normally dry in summer, with cool, fresh nights.


Manual harvest in boxes of 16 kilo, first selection in vineyard and then a selection in the cellar before settling and macerating for 48 hours then pressed off in a pneumatic press to ferment and complete malo in 225 L used French oak barrels on lies for a month then racked to stainless steel to age with a touch of SO2 added. Very light filtration at bottling, otherwise no stabilisation or clarification and no additives except for SO2.

Vintage Notes 2021
Good vintage. In the Spring, 200m rain fell. Summer was dry with cool nights. Overall it was cooler than 2020, more like 2019 with good quality and quantity. Normally the harvest takes around 3 weeks due to different altitude of the vineyards. However, 3 weeks in 60 mm of rain fell so the grapes from the last week were diluted and lower in alcohol. In style the wines are fruity with great acidity and meant no sulfites was required initially and until after the malolactic.
Yield hl/ha: 30
Harvested: September 14
Bottles produced: 2000
Date bottled: 2022-08-22
Alcohol %: 11,5
SO2 Total: 49

Cuvée: コルネオ
カラー 赤
葡萄品種 テンプラニーリョ65%、プエスタ・エン・クルス35
について: フェルモセルのコルネオという地名にちなんで名づけられたこのワインは、ティージがブドウの木を植えたいと考えている場所です。


土壌: 砂、花崗岩、砂利、石英。
エクスポーション: テンプラニーリョ東向き、プエスタ北西向き。
標高: 650-740。
トレーニング: テンプラニーリョはゴブレ、プエスタはワイヤー。
農法:有機栽培: 有機栽培。
平均収穫量 hl/ha: 25-40.
気候: 地中海性気候で大西洋の影響を受け、冬は寒く、夏は暑く、通常乾燥しており、夜は涼しく爽やかである。



ヴィンテージノート 2021
収穫量 hl/ha: 30
収穫 収穫日: 9月14日
生産本数: 2000本
瓶詰め日: 2022-08-22
アルコール度数: 11.5度