Appellation: Landwein der Mosel
Cuvée: It’s Müller Time
Colour: White
Grapes: Müller Thurgau
About: From vines planted in 1986 and 1999 on limestone. An orange wine, there’s usually two weeks of skin contact and it arrives at around 11 % ABV. Originally the Cuvée name came from Jan’s interest in US politics; it was word play / a small homage to then Special Counsel Robert Müller (American lawyer, and former FBI Director) who was appointed to investigate Russian meddling in the election that put Trump in power – and resigned when it appeared no action would be taken on his report. Then Jan came up a new name Sandersstruck, word play and homage to Bernie Sanders for his vitality and resilience to become Presidential candidate for the second time aged 80.


Location, parcels: from the Kröv Paradies vineyard up the slopes from the village
Size ha: 1.2
Age: 1986 and 1999
Soils: grey slate
Exposition: south east
Altitude m: 250
Training: on wire
Farming and philosophy: certified Organic
Average yield hl/ha: 80
Climate: cool (but changing)


De-stemmed fruit, 1/3 fermented on skins for 2 weeks, the rest crushed in press & wild ferment in stainless steel tank after 12 hour maceration on skins. Usually comes in at around 11%. CO2 is deliberately left in the wine for protection and gives it some spritz. Bottled by hand soon after malo. Unfined, unfiltered, zero added sulphur.

Vintage Notes 2020
2020 started with millefeuille of 25% of blend with whole bunches to lend acidity. Previously was de-stemmed and 25% skins.
The weather: dry and hot season until mid September, then cold and a bit rainy, mid to end of September giving some juice to the grapes.
Yield hl/ha: 80
Harvested: mid September
Bottles produced: 10,500
Date bottled: 2021-03
Alcohol %: 12
SO2 Total: 0 added

Vintage Notes 2021
The weather: cool and rainy season, lots of problems with downy mildew and black rot, compare yield with other years, had to buy quite a lot of fruit from other organic producers that were less affected. Still… not the flood disaster of neighbouring regions.
Just 1/4 fermented on skins for 2 weeks. Higher acid so went for less tannin for balance. Keeps the name Sanderstruck since Bernie apparently still has something to say!
Yield hl/ha: 30
Harvested: end September
Bottles produced: 8,000
Date bottled: 2022-03
Alcohol %: 11
SO2 Total: 0 added
Tasting: 2022-12-12 surprisingly intense, floral, clear peach fruit, quite mineral, vegetal, plenty going on, quite persistent, some fizz being CO2 left in at bottling