Appellation: none
Cuvée: Tosut
Colour: Red
Grapes: Garnacha Negre 50 Syrah 50
About: Tosut means a toy, or a play-thing for kids. The label depicts an arabesque motif found on a piece of ceramic tile on the roof of a small hut in the vineyard, which was made by hand. First year produced was 2014.


Location: La Cove and La Come’ngloria
Size ha: 2
Age: vines planted 2012, 2013
Soils: calcaire
Exposition: east west
Altitude: 400m and 600m la cove
Farming: biodynamic, cover crops, grasses, herbs, and flowers adding to soil health, retention of moisture, and bio-diversity.
Average yield hl/ha: 25
Climate: Mediterranean with fresh nights


The grapes are co-fermented, first de-stemmed and then put into inox. 8 days on skins, then racked to age in anfora.

Vintage notes 2020
A very challenging year in all ways, with heavy and persistent rain causing mildew problems and widescale loss of fruit. But the season finished well with fine weather during summer and harvest time and some purchases of fruit to make up for some losses.
Yield hl/ha: 20
Harvested: mid august to end September
Bottles produced: 1800
Date bottled: 2021-05
Alcohol %: 12
SO2 Total: < 4
Tasting: 2021-12-16 Cafe and dried cassis, earthy toasty, lovely acidity, bright and energy