Appellation: Muscadet Sèvre et Maine Gorges
Cuvée: Gorges
Colour: White
Grapes: Melon de Bourgogne
About: Gorges is the name of the lieu-dit that’s recognised by the Appellation as possessing particular characteristics, called a Cru Communal. It’s recognised because the soil is Gabbro, a type of granite which typically gives greater depth, complexity and finesse than “just” Muscadet Sèvre et Maine.


Location: in the commune of Monnieres
Size: 2,4 ha
Age: planted in 1960
Soils: gabbro type of granite
Exposition: east facing
Altitude: 50m
Training: gobelet or bush
Farming philosophy: organic with mix of grasses and an occasional plough depending on the season adapted to keep the soils living
Average yield hl/ha: 15
Climate: Atlantic but nowadays a moving target with hotter and drier summers.


The harvest is left whole and pressed to ferment in underground concrete tank, using natural yeasts. Ferment usually lasts around 15 days, then the wine is racked and returned to concrete tank to age on lees for 32 months without any racking.

Vintage Notes 2018
Winter was particularly wet allowing the water table to top up after a very dry 2016 and 2017. On the other hand it was also unusually warm and the vines didn’t really rest until the long cold snap of February March. Spring was also wet and warm putting on some mildew pressure. For once there was no frost. Flowering took place in early June, later than in 2017 but typical of an early year. The wood disease Esca was also a pressure this year. Summer was hot and dry with an early August heatwave but no water stress due to the plentiful winter and spring rainfall. The fruit was very healthy, the harvest early.

Vintage Notes 2019
There was another Spring frost on 3-4 April which resulted in significant crop losses. Spring was warm. The summer was hot and sunny with an early heatwave in late June the effects of which were offset by some rain in August. The harvest took place relatively early with very healthy fruit and a good balance between sugars and acidity.
Date bottled: 2022-05
Bottles produced: 4,000
Alcohol %: 12
SO2 Total: 70
Tasting: 2022-05-21 Lovely fruit, very rich and chalky, grippy acidity, very digest, mineral finish, complex, fine. Spicy, intense.

Vintage Notes 2020
After a normal winter the vines were hit by April frosts which for once didn’t result in great losses. Late Spring was hot and dry, the summer an abundant mix of sunshine and some rain which made up the yields. Fruit health was excellent and the harvest took place very early, from 26 August to 23 September.

Vintage Notes 2021
After a normal winter the vines suffered yet another April frost, on the 8th and subsequently on and off into May, this time particularly catastrophic with losses up to 75%. The summer was sunny and not especially hot, leading to a late harvest with good fruit health, from 21 September to 15 October.

Vintage Notes 2022
After an almost normal winter, with cold and rain, the vines were shaken yet again by a Spring frost (now every year since 2016 except 2018) from April 1 to 4 which decimated up to 30% of the crop. Flowering took place in relatively stable conditions in early June. After which it was very dry and very hot and subject to a regular wind from the East. Depending the area there was between 20 and 30mm rain towards the end of August, very welcome and helping to achieve a great balance between sweetness and acidity and resulting in a great vintage, up there with 1976 and 2003. The harvest was one of the earliest on record, from 26 August to 23 September.