Appellation: VDF
Cuvée: Ace of Spades
Colour: Red
Grapes: Mourvèdre and Carignan 50 50
About: first made 2019. The place is called Myrs, which name is already used by Danjou-Banjessy. The soil here is fabulous and as black as the Ace of Spades.

Location: the other side of the river from the estate in Espira
Size: 1,8 of Carignan, 1,2 of Mourvèdre
Age: Carignan planted 1950, Mourvèdre planted 1995 and 2001
Soils: black volcanic marne, very rich in potassium, very friable, easy to work, gives tons of colour even at low degree and dense fruit at lower degrees
Exposition: mainly south-facing bowl
Altitude: 200m
Training: bush
Farming: Farming: organic, biodynamic, regenerative, carbon sequestering
Average yield hl/ha: 18 and improving – see top page about Tom.
Climate: Mediterranean

Whole-cluster, four days maceration, concrete with some foot-treading before cuvaison. Pressed and racked into concrete for aging.

Vintage Notes 2019
Heatwave year.
Date harvested: august 24
Yield hl/ha: 20
Date bottled: 2020-03
Bottles produced: 4000
Alcohol %: 11
SO2 Total: 0 added

Vintage Notes 2020
Lots of mildew pressure which Tom’s healthy vineyards survived well. There was no distraction from day in day out in the vineyard.
Date harvested: august 29
Yield hl/ha: 40
Date bottled: 2021-03
Bottles produced: 4000
Alcohol %: 11
SO2 Total: 0 added