Appellation: Vino de España.
Cuvée: O Poulo.
Colour: red.
Grapes: Garnacha Tintorera 95%, Palomino 5%.
About: literally Nacho’s top wine, being from a high altitude vineyard on clay soils that Nacho recovered and has been bringing back to health since 2014. Particularly concentrated fruit. The wine is also known as Fillo da Pedra, meaning son of rock.


Location: from three parcels near Larouco.
Size ha: less than 1.
Age: vines planted 1950 to 1960.
Soils: clay.
Exposition: south.
Altitude: 600m.
Training: gobelet (or vaso).
Farming: organic, by hand, leaving the soils touched as little.
Average yield hl/ha: 20.
Climate: Atlantic, cold in winter, hot in summer, likelihood of fog and humid conditions all year.


The harvest is de-stemmed by hand and grapes are macerated on their skins for 5 days before being very gently pressed and the wine moved to stainless steel and old oak barrels, big and small, to continue to ferment and age. There the wines stay, without moving, on fine lees, until bottling un-filtered, and without any added sulfites during the whole process.

Vintage Notes 2017
Yield hl/ha: 10.
Harvested: mid September.
Bottles produced: 800.
Date bottled: 2018-02.
Alcohol %: 12.4.
SO2 Total: <20.
Tasting: dense, plump, tannic yet silky, black, with high acidity and intense black fruit, pure, earthy, with the same energy and finesse as in the other wines.

Vintage Notes 2019
Yield hl/ha: 15.
Harvested: mid September.
Bottles produced: 2,600.
Date bottled: 2020-03.
Alcohol %: 12.
SO2 Total: 0 added.
Tasting: from tank 2020-02 brilliant wine, clear, fresh, structured, tons of plum, cassis, cherry, mineral fruit. Pure, intense, yet remains gentle.