Appellation: Régnié.
Cuvée: Grains et Granit.
Colour: Red.
Grapes: Gamay.
About: Charly puts everything into making just one wine from very old vines in Régnié, Beaujolais’s newest, and least well-known Cru. It’s a wine that will turn heads and pre-conceptions. For it has all the structure of Cru Bourgogne with silky tannins and vibrant freshness, while at the same time expressing the gorgeous and complex fruit of old vine Gamay. The name of the Cuvée means simply Grape and Granite reflecting the transparency of the wine..


Location: from two parcels just south of the village of Régnié-Durette.
Size ha: 3.
Age: vines planted in 1932 and 1946.
Soils: very visibly pink granite, basically oxidised iron lending intense minerality to the wine.
Exposition: south-south east.
Altitude: 250m.
Training: traditionally, in very low gobelet.
Farming: biodynamic. The soils are noticeably alive compared with many neighbouring vineyards. In particular, Charly plows for aeration of the soil, uses herbal infusions, natural composts, and cover crops, planting in accordance with the lunar calendar, all to stimulate the natural immune system and thus health of the vine plant.
Average yield hl/ha: 35.
Climate: continental.


Charly typically harvests late and the wine is made by classic semi-carbonic maceration, thus whole bunch, uncrushed, in concrete vat, with temperatures kept cool to around 15ºC, using natural yeasts, no other additives, and no sulfites until a touch before bottling. The wine was basket-pressed and aged in concrete six months before bottling without fining or filtration.

Vintage Notes 2016
Due to hail the crop was 30% down in 2016.
Yield hl/ha: 25.
Harvested: end of September.
Bottles produced: 12,000.
Date bottled: 2017-05.
Alcohol %: 12.65.
SO2 Total: 26.
Tasting: 2016 expresses a beautiful purity of fruit, uplifting freshness, silky tannins, fantastic energy. It’s just medium-bodied, intensely perfumed with cherry and violets, graphite, a touch of black pepper spice, hints of dried fruits, clean, long and richly satisfying.

Vintage Notes 2017
Another very low yielding crop due to hail and drought, resulting in very fine wines, concentrated, with great aromatic intensity and fruit sweetness.
Yield hl/ha: 25.
Harvested: end of September.
Bottles produced: 12,000.
Date bottled: 2018-05.
Alcohol %: 13.
SO2 Total: < 16.

Vintage Notes 2018
Finally after three years of short harvest, plentiful rain meant a proper yield in 2018, with wonderfully juicy, deliciously vegetal wines. Almost “session” wines, as in session ale, a little lower in alcohol and and great drinkability, albeit very recognisably Thevenet Régnié. As of 2018, the wines are issued under the new Domaine name Jean-Paul and Charly Thevenet.
Yield hl/ha: 40.
Harvested: end of September.
Bottles produced: 15,000.
Date bottled: 2019-05.
Alcohol %: 12.7.
SO2 Total: 17.