Appellation: Vin de France.
Cuvée: Tourbillon de la Vie Blanc.
Colour: White.
Grapes: Macabeu.
About: the Cuvée name means Roundabout of Life, and comes from a song, a waltz, by Jeanne Moreau in the celebrated film Jules et Jim by François Truffaut. The wine is a negociant wine from vineyards Jean-Philippe supervises and has made since 2014. Both red and white are totally in Jean-Philippe’s style with freshness, digestibility and gentle fruit purity.


Location: part from the Fenouillèdes, just west and up from Calce, and some from around Oppoul and Tautavel, north of Calce.
Size ha: 5.
Age: vines planted mostly around 1960.
Soils: 60% from granite in the Fenouillèdes, and 40% from clay-limestone near Tautavel.
Exposition: mostly south but various.
Altitude: 500 to 600m in the Fenouillèdes, 200m near Tautavel.
Training: gobelet.
Farming: organic.
Average yield hl/ha: 30.
Climate: Mediterranean.


Whole bunches are pressed direct to fibreglass and enamel tank to ferment by natural yeast, with the taking place naturally. The wine is aged for 8 months before bottling, part in old barrique. There’s a light filtration and addition of sulfites before bottling.

Vintage Notes 2016
Bottles produced: 12,000
Date bottled: 2017-05
Alcohol %: 12.70
SO2 Total: 39

Vintage Notes 2019
Dry winter followed by early Spring rain, stable flowering, then marked by a run of heatwaves in the summer causing hydric stress, drought.
Yield hl/ha: 30
Harvested: end August
Bottles produced: 19,000
Date bottled: 2020-03
Alcohol %: 12.5
SO2 Total: 39
Tasting: a grapey, crowd pleaser with ripe, gentle acidity, and a green plum fruit character, soft and easy with a salivating finish.

Vintage Notes 2020
The first harvest to be vinified by Jean-Philippe in the new (old) cellar in Calce. This will be 40% Macabeu, 40% Grenache Blanc et Gris, 20% Tourbat.

After the hydric stress of 2019, the beginning of the season was particularly wet, a real challenge, with huge mildew pressure, which didn’t really end until late July, not so warm either, then a very early harvest end of August. The most challenging year since 2003, to which the best vignerons rise. As if mildew wasn’t enough, wild boar ate grapes with abandon. The hunters had been banned due to covid restrictions in one of the season’s many absurdities.
Yield hl/ha: 30
Harvested: three times 12, 18, 22 August
Bottles produced: 10,000
Date bottled: 2020-04
Alcohol %:
SO2 Total:
Tasting: 2021-02-16 excellent, fine, salty, savoury fruit, elegant structure, more complexity, more in line with Fleur de Cailloux.