Appellation: Vi de Taula.
Cuvée: Brutalment.
Colour: Red.
Grapes: Mainly Grenache Noir and Syrah, then Sumoll red and white, Macabeu and Moscatel, depending on the year.
About: another a la ancienne wine, a blend of red and white grapes, made wholly by whole bunch, limited production. The free history of the ‘brutal wine corporation’ comes to this particular evolution of the brutal. In Catalonia “brutal” means extraordinary, very good, out of the ordinary – not the same meaning as in other cultures. Photographs of Jordi’s nephews and nieces: Arnau, Oriol, Aleix and Blanca appear on the labels as a small tribute to the new generations due to their contribution in the vineyard, the winery or some wine fairs -especially in summer..


Location: Blancafort.
Size ha: 5.
Age: vines planted between 1980 and 2010.
Soils: ancient limestone terraces that keep nonetheless humidity.
Exposition: various.
Altitude: 430 to 600m.
Training: cordon double royat.
Farming: biodynamic, cover crops, grasses, herbs, and flowers adding to soil health, retention of moisture, and bio-diversity.
Average yield hl/ha: 30.
Climate: Mediterranean with fresh nights.

Whole bunch and foot trodden, on the skins in a plastic tank for 10 days, then run off to amphora to finish the ferment and age until bottling, without fining, filtration or clarification after 9 months.

Vintage Notes 2016
90% Grenache Noir and Syrah, the rest Sumoll red and white, Macabeu and Moscatel.
Yield hl/ha: 11
Harvested: date September 25
Bottles produced: 564
Date bottled: 2017-07
Alcohol %: 13
Tasting: 2017-03 lifted red berry fruits, cassis, rhubarb, violets, almond, complex, finessed, high acidity, some bitter and ripe astringence of tannin, lovely.

Vintage Notes 2017
Yield hl/ha: 30.
Harvested: mid to end September.
Bottles produced: 900.
Date bottled: 2018-05.
Alcohol %: 11.73.
SO2 Total: <4.
Tasting: gentle cassis, raspberry, sweet almond fruit character, light-bodied, refreshing, clear, fine silky tannins, a beautiful mouthful.

Vintage 2020
A blend of Syrah and Grenache Noir 90% supplemented by Sumoll Blanc and Tinto and Moscatel.
A very challenging year in all ways, with heavy and persistent rain causing mildew problems and widescale loss of fruit. But the season finished well with fine weather during summer and harvest time and some purchases of fruit to make up for some losses.
Harvested: end September early October
Bottles produced: 900
Date bottled: 2021-02
Alcohol %: 12
SO2 Total: < 4
Tasting: 2021-02-23 green cassis, like Blankaforti light, tons of cassis, very fresh. lovely. very good