Appellation: none
Cuvée: Blan 5.7
Colour: White
Grapes: Parellada 60% Macabeu 40% depending on the year
About: Jordi’s excellent first wine, a representation of his style, the equivalent of his neighbour Escoda-Sanahuja’s Bassotets. 5.7 is his address in Blancafort and has been the address of generations of his ancestors. The wine is 5 parts Macabeu, 7 parts Parellada.


Location: Espluga.
Size ha: 7.
Age: Parellada planted in 1984 to 1989 and Macabeu in 2002.
Soils: ancient limestone terraces that keep nonetheless humidity, the Macabeu on more chalky sandstone.
Exposition: mainly east to west.
Altitude: 425m.
Training: cordon double royat.
Farming: biodynamic, cover crops, grasses, herbs, and flowers adding to soil health, retention of moisture, and bio-diversity.
Average yield hl/ha: 30.
Climate: Mediterranean with fresh nights.


Part amphora, part inox depending the year. As of 2016 most of the fruit is gently crushed into amphora to macerate on its skins for a week to 10 days before being racked off and returned to age in amphora. Using natural yeasts and without any additives or manipulation at all, no sulfites, no filtration or clarification. No control of temperature. There’s not even a press. The amphora are racked to blend together in tank a week before bottling, 6 to 8 months after the harvest.

Prior to 2016 the process was all inox.

Vintage notes 2016
The whole crop of Parellada was hit by hail in 2016, so this is 100% Macabeu.
Yield hl/ha: 20
Harvested: September 14
Bottles produced: 6,000
Date bottled: 2017-05
Alcohol %: 11.5
SO2 Total: < 7
Tasting: Gentle, elegant, airy, calm with complex fruit of lemon and orange citrus, pear and notes of white pepper. Bone dry, salty acidity gives it a zesty refreshment and the relatively low alcohol of 11.5% makes it irresistable. The energy is tangible and don’t be afraid to let bottles evolve over several days if you have the chance.

Vintage notes 2017
Normal blend Parellada 60% and Macabeu 40%. 4 days skin contact then transferred to finish the ferment and age in amphora. Transferred to tank one week before bottling to blend the different amphorae.
Yield hl/ha: 20
Harvested: August 30
Bottles produced: 10,000
Date bottled: 2018-06
Alcohol %: 10.49
SO2 Total: < 7

Vintage notes 2018
Hot and dry year for most part. However, rain end July caused some mildew, and loss of some Macabeu and Parellada.
2 amphora of 1,000L and 1 of 700L to blend with inox for a total 3,200b.
Yield hl/ha: 25
Harvested: September 8
Bottles produced: 7,000
Date bottled: 2019-04
Alcohol %: 11.44
SO2 Total: < 4
Tasting: Intense, persistent, energetic, vegetal, lemon, apple, orange, pear, cleansing astringency, great acidity, sappy, salty, loose textured. Classic 5.7.

Vintage notes 2019
Very hot and dry year for the most part. But there was a good rainfall end July and middle of August to aid a perfect maturation. Stylistically rich, full fat fruit.
Yield hl/ha: 25
Harvested: end August
Bottles produced: 12,000
Date bottled: 2020-08
Alcohol %: 11.5
SO2 Total: < 4
Tasting: super energy, apple, pear, ginger, white pepper, salty acidity, cleansing, refreshing, touch of astringency, light and fluid.
2021-02-23 remains 7,000
great acidity, baked apple, smokey bacon, salty, lemon, orange, rich yet airy, bone dry, long

Vintage notes 2020
A very challenging year in all ways, with heavy and persistent rain causing mildew problems and widescale loss of fruit. But the season finished well with fine weather during summer and harvest time and some purchases of fruit to make up for some losses.
Yield hl/ha: 8
Bottles produced: 7,000
Date bottled: may to June
Alcohol %: 11
SO2 Total: < 4
Tasting: 2021-02-23: very concentrated, rich, ginger, iodine, terre, orange and peach, spicy, great acidity and some sweetness on the finish for only 11.5. 2021-07-27 apple, peach, ginger, vegetal, direct acidity, lovely vegetal palate, really good, finishes with cool fruit tea finish. 2022-02-07 – soft, rounded, sappy, fine, lovely salty finish, apple, melon, nutty fruit, super, lively well balanced, drinking wine

Vintage notes 2021
Another challenging year due to drought and high temperatures (and covid restrictions) but it was bookended by rains in Spring and in September that provided freshness and focus to the wines. It was a very long harvest from late August to end October. The yield was finally surprisingly good and the wines have a great balancing vegetal acidity.
Yield hl/ha: 8
Harvested: late September to early October
Bottles produced: 9,000
Date bottled: may to June
Alcohol %: 11
SO2 Total: < 4
Tasting: 2021-12-16 2 tanks, one is complex with spice cumin and ginger, lemon, dried apricot, well structured, great acidity but rounded too
the other lovely silky energy, cool, spicy, lemon. Parellada is fresh, with tension and fat. Clean lemon, green apple, ripe yet tense, with peach blossom complexity.